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 Crying in the small heartbeat. I want you come here!
G U R E N  - The GazettE

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NOCO | ばいばい

its nights like this were

my bottled up anger and sadness comes rushing out


i think about you and 

why it hurts

why you claim you like me but i never seen the words

"i like you"

from you

you bring me doubt


you say its long distance

you say youre too “messed up”

for a relationship

but i know you dont feel that way

about me

you reblog girls selfies

with tags

"youre so adorable"

yet youve only liked mine

ive spilled my heart fucking time after time

you say you care

you say you like me

but i can see right through you

those love posts you reblog?

i know their not about me

and it kills me



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Choosing your way

by Михалюк Сергей